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Niki Ballerini @niki_ballerini

Niki Ballerini is a professional Dancer and Choreographer. At a young age he performed at Teatro Alla Scala di Milano and Teatro Degli Arcimboldi( Milan, italy) in shows like “The Nutcraker” with Etoiles like Roberto Bolle and Alessandra Ferri, “AIDA”, “Classical Ballet” and “Giallo ‘700” while attending the Teatro Alla Scala Dance Academy. He officially stepped into the dance scene and entertainment industry in the summer of 2018, debutting at his first job as Choreographer and dancer for ALO Casini ( Xfactor italy) music video “Uomini che amano le donne”: a LGBTQIA+ anthem who later went viral on the internet.
Before that he had just started for the first time heavy training in different styles of urban dance in Germany at URBAN DANCE CAMP with international choreographers such as : Yanis Marshall, Evans Hamilton, Dana Alexa, Jake Kodish, Duch Ann Tran, KK Harris and Karon Lynn. He was later invited the next year as an outstanding dancer to attend again.
After his debut for ALO he went on to continue his training in Los Angeles, CA – USA . There he trained and studied with the best choregraphers and teachers in the industry such as Jojo Gomez, Jae fusz, Davion Coleman, Ricky Lam, Nika Kljun, Camillo Lauricella, Alexis Beauregard, Timor Steffens and many others . He then came across Brinn Nicole(Snoop Dogg, Pitbull, Chris Brown, AMAs) with whom he began for the first time training on heels and started a relation of friendship and mentorship. Brinn stated ” Nick was here for 3 weeks and I don’t think he missed ONE of my classes. At first he took my class with no heels but I told him that needed to change! In only 2 weeks of heel training with me , I felt like I was looking at a dancer that has trained for 1 full year! I have never been so impressed with someone in such a short amount of time. His grateful heart and soulful nature was a sweet reminder of why I love what I do so much.”
Coming back to Italy after such an experience Art Directors all over the country started taking interest in his talent and skills and began calling him to teach classes in their studios. He still took all the available time he had to continue his training traveling to London where he had the chance to be called out in class by Joe Brown ( Beyonce – Homecoming choreographer) to dance togheter alone with him and later be signed in a Talent Agency @LoveRudeye.
While keeping on with dance studies all over Italy attending the best dance camps and events, his Teaching carrer began.
Niki found out an immense passion and love for teaching, being able to share whatever experience he acquired and see others thrive and become an active part of the dance community filled him with so much satisfaction and gratitude. His style of teaching is extremely uplifting and focused on self-confidence, trying to imbue students with as much of it as possible, preparing them for the tough environment that the industry is. His preffered styles are Jazz-funk, Commercial , Heels and Hip-Hop.
Since 2019 he’s been teaching in major schools all over Italy as well as abroad : from Irvine,CA to London and even Helsinki , Finland where dancers would come from other nearby countries to be able to attend his mastercalsses and heels intensive program.
Highlights and Jobs since then include :
Tv Performances for ZeligTV on SKY ( Dancer and choreographer ALO)
Dancer for King Guttah(Long Live Mosi) at The 2019 Carnival Italy
Recepient of the Outsanding Performer Award – ADE Dance Exchange Madrid
Ananke Concept Video by Federico & Miguel
CO- Founder and CO-Owner of WeDanceHelsinki
Thanks to his experience in th dance industry his role within WDH, won’t just be as resident teacher/choreographer but responsible of PR, making sure to bring some of the best and most talented artist in the industry

Anna Kuparinen @cubarina

Anna started her dance journey with cuban styles and later she has focused more on different urban dance styles such as hiphop, reggaeton and commercial. Anna has been actively involved with many projects and competing groups as a dancer and choreographer. She also has lots of training experience in LA, Australia, Germany and Japan. This broad background makes her style unique.

Anna is responsible for the domestic connections and HR in Finland.

Anni Kosunen @annisofia__k

”I was born with dance shoes on…”
Anni’s heart belongs to dance, and even though she is not a professional dancer, she has been able to create a carrier from it. Anni has been teaching fitness dance classes since she was 18 years old. She is a certificated fitness instructor for Zumba and Les Mills Sh’bam, and she’s also created her own fitness dance class called; FitnessJam. 
Anni’s favourite dance styles are jazz funk and commercial and she has been taking classes also in Sweden, Germany and Italy.

Anni is the managing director of our company.

Sairee Srithammavut @saireereen

Sairee started to dance in 2015 although dancing caught her attention already since she was a child. As a dance student, she has been actively learning in dance classes, workshops, and she also has experiences in some international dance camps abroad. 
Sairee is responsible for many practical arrangements, such as participants’ flight bookings and hotel reservations.

Saara Raudasoja @saararaudasoja

Saara has been dancing for years as an amateur. Nowadays she is more concentrated in photographing our events.

Saara is responsible for the marketing and communications of our company.